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Are you aware that 1 and 5 Americans suffer from a mental disorder?  By the year 2020 major depressive illness will be the leading cause of disability here in the United States.  Currently, we have over 128,000 individuals suffering from a mental illness displaced and are not receiving adequate treatment just in the city of Chicago.  Thus, it cost tax payers over 100 billion dollars a year when individuals with lived experiences are not receiving adequate treatment that will keep them out of the hospitals, jails, and mental health institutions.


With your support, Project180-Chicago can continue to build, expand and operate residential suites in various cities for those with a mental & physical disability as well as substance use disorder who needs treatment and residential placement.  Your contributions help individuals with lived experiences to get the help they need without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or afraid as well as break the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction.

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