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I TURNED180 GALA is an award ceremony hosted by Project180-Chicago where recognition & personalized plaques are given to those who have maintained sobriety and have truly TURNED180. The GALA provides a safe platform for those in recovery from substance use disorder and mental health the opportunity to share their success story clean and sober with family, friends, peers and so many more.

Furthermore, I TURNED180 GALA creates an environment filled with powerful motivational speakers; dinner; dancing; entertainment; prize giveaways, and lots of laughter with memories that will last a lifetime!

2022 was our first annual GALA and we look forward to 2023 and the years to come!  If you would like to get involved, sponsor or volunteer we would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all of our family, friends, visitors and sponsors that came out and supported this event!

2022 I TURNED180-GALA Native Star performed cultural spiritual dance, hoop and poetry

I TURNED180-GALA Native Star Poetry

2022 I TURNED180-GALA Project180-Chicago CEO/FOUNDER Welcomes & Thanks All Guests, Honorees, & Sponsors for attending and their support

The Soloist Rachel & Her back up singers pierced our souls

Community Partners & Members

2022 I TURNED180 Honoree

Blu The Soloist & Dj getting ready to Rock the honorees w/debut song

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